Hi, I’m Tori!
Owner, Full-Time Designer, and Tech Support!

About Me

Everyone is uniquely designed. We all have unique skills, interests, and passions. For me, I was designed to be a designer. I was designed to help others along their journey, creating websites, logos, and other materials that will help them do what they were designed to do.

I’ve dedicated my life to learning as much as I can about the world of design and am constantly striving to learn new things. After a couple years of freelancing, I started Sparklet Designs LLC with the goal of helping as many businesses grow as I can. I specialize in serving small and beginning businesses and assisting them down the road to a strong sustainable web presence. I take great pride in my work diligently to ensure the success of each project.

And now? Now, you’re here. Are you ready to contact us for a free consultation? Or would you like to check out the portfolio next?

What I’m Learning

Currently pushing myself to learn new web animation skills. With this new tool in my arsenal, I’m happy to apply it to your project to show you the eye-catching benefits of web animation. If this is something that intrigues you, let’s connect!

What I’m Currently Reading

How does SEO Work by Georgie Hope


Sparklet Designs LLC creates quality, custom, design solutions for businesses tailored to help them meet their unique goals. We work hard and hope to create a lasting relationship between us and our clients.

Stronger Together

We believe communities are stronger when they work together. Which is why we are proud supporters of the Monmouth Business Association and Monmouth/Independence Chamber of Commerce.

Proud Supporter of the Monmouth Business Association