BK Designs

BK Designs

Bryan Kelly, owner of BK Designs, is a local resin artist in Seattle, Washington. Bryan creates his own moulds and works tirelessly to create a high quality product for his clients. A proud resident of the Pacific Northwest Bryan wanted a logo that reflected the geography of his area while also ensuring the design was legible on the small products he created.

Design Requirements

  • NMinimal
  • NInvokes Pacific Northwest imagery
  • NFits in a square or circle easily
  • NFinal deliverables included style guide

Design Strategy

The backwards “B” aligns seamlessly with the “K” creating a unified design while the negative space of a pine tree not only makes the letter “B” readable, but also invokes the feeling of the Pacific Northwest. The simplicity of the design ensures it functions as a maker’s mark on larger products, but is also highly recognizable at smaller sizes as well.