Define Your Health

About Define Your Health

Margi Hannegan, owner and founder of Define Your Health, is a wellness coach who assists each of her clients in meeting wellness goals that match their lifestyles. Over the course of her career, she found many of her clients have difficulties maintaining their healthy lifestyles after leaving her program. So, she devised a booklet that could be individualized based on each client’s goals to help keep them on track after they part. 

Design Requirements

  • NFeminine Feel, for an almost exclusively female audience
  • NSimple Illustration, with limited internal photographs
  • NCohesive front to back cover
  • NDidn't want it to feel like "too much text"

Design Strategy

This booklet was designed to be a road map and source of encouragement that can be individualized for each of Margi Hannegan’s clients as they leave her program and work to maintain their health. The simple graphic on the cover, that wraps around to the back illustrates the continued journey of the clients. The pink sans-serf typeface on the cover creates. afeminine feel while also being very readable. This type is continued throughout the book to provide a cohesive feel throughout. Throughout the booklet there are blank pages which serves to help break up text while also ensuring there is ample space for the clients to write in their own health plans, for Margi to add in her own encouraging words, and for additional tips, tricks, and recipes to support each client on their continued journey.