Essentially Better Life

About Essentially Better Life

Dr. Wendy Bruton is a former therapist who now encourages people to live their best and holistically healthy lives. What started out as a redesign for her website has turned into a lasting partnership as I continue to help her maintain her website so she can focus on other parts of her business.

Design Requirements

  • NPages for: Home, About, Coaching, Blog, Podcast,
  • NLanding Page for The Transformation Project
  • NEncourage people to buy her book
  • NHave a soft, welcoming feel
  • NBe easy to navigate
  • NHave a responsive design so users can access the podcast episodes from their phone

Design Strategy

When Wendy and I first met, one of the most important requirements for her new site was that users can quickly access the various sections of the site (an issue she was having with her old site). By having a menu that sticks to the top of the browser window and adding buttons throughout the site to encourage users to move around, users can effortlessly move throughout the site. The light color scheme lends to the readability of the site while also ensuring it is visually interesting. The use of curved color planes help direct the viewer to important information while helping. tobreak up large quantities of text.