Monmouth Business Association 

The Monmouth Business Association is a group of passionate business representatives in the beautiful town of Monmouth, Oregon. It is their mission to promote local businesses, organizations, and community activities in an effort to create a unified community. Because of COVID-19 many of the local businesses suffered financial hardship which prompted the MBA to find a way to help promote the businesses in a socially distanced way.

Design Requirements

  • NEncourage businesses to sign up for their email list
  • NHighlight different businesses for tourists & residents alike
  • NInclude a business directory divided by business category
  • NHighlight Restaurants that changed their hours due to COVID19 restrictions
  • NHave a way for businesses to update their listings
  • NUse same fonts and colors as the Chamber of Commerce
  • NUse imagry that gives a sense of community

Design Strategy

Monmouth Business Association Website

A sliding header on each page encourages navigation throughout the site and provides easy access to the various parts of the site. A persistent menu at the top of the site further increases the ease at which the user navigates the site. The business directory page includes both the directory, categorized by tabs, and a call to action for any business not included in the directory. A resource page and the about page serve as resources for local businesses and provide information about the Business Association. While the Shop, Eat, and Explore pages aid tourists and community members alike in their search for local activities and hangouts.

Monmouth Business Association Logo

The logo and website maintain the same color scheme and fonts creating an integrated branding system. The circular shape of the logo ensures it is versatility across medias and works well on everything from the website favicon to promotional stickers. The buildings in the logo are simple illustrations of recognizable buildings in Monmouth’s downtown which serves as a sense of pride for residents and a recognizable landmark for visitors.