About Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church is a small church located in Mt. Angel, Oregon that serves a dedicated group of farmers and small business owners, many of whom have lived in the area for generations, passing land and businesses on from one generation to the next. Over time, as seasons and pastors changed, their old website became outdated and hard to manage.

Design Requirements

  • NEasy to navigate for elderly members
  • NAppeal to the wide range of ages in the congregation
  • NBe easy to update
  • NHave a responsive design

Design Strategy

Church Website Design

This church’s website was built with simplicity in mind in order to ensure navigation through the site was easy for the aging congregation. Geometric type and open leading lend to the readability of the site, while the color scheme and bold headings bring a more contemporary feel to the site. The responsive design ensures the site can be accessed by everyone from the aging grandparent looking for church news on the computer to the busy young family checking to see what time service starts.