Western Skies Cattle Ranch

About Western Skies Cattle Ranch

Western Skies Cattle Ranch is a custom beef business located in the lush Willamette Valley. The proprietor, also the director for Polk County’s Water and Soil Conservation District, ensures their product is raised properly, grass fed, free ranged, and never given steroids, and housed on an Oak Savannah (a disappearing ecosystem in Oregon).

Design Requirements

  • NLogo must have a wood block print feel/style
  • NType must be easily legible
  • NConvey the conservation values of the ranch
  • NNot make people feel bad for eating animals

Design Strategy

This logo was inspired by the Oregon Oak, a tree that can be found in abundance at Western Skies Cattle Ranch. The right side depicts a rising sun outlined in the negative space of the Oak leaf, further driving home the nature motif and referencing the proprietor’s images posted on social media of the beautiful sunrises that can be seen from the ranch.